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Originally Posted by truth seeker 09 View Post
They really fucked up when changing the documentary's name from Don't mention the Reptilians to Alien Reptilian Legacy. The first title grabs your attention, the latter sounds like a cheesy B movie.
Oh yea ...LOL

Lets search the definition of that word ....


an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.
synonyms: bequest, inheritance, heritage, endowment, gift, patrimony, settlement, birthright; formalbenefaction
"a legacy from a great aunt"

So it's really very nice , like we've inherited something good from the reptilians.

I know nothing about how this liaison came about between the company, which presumably financed and has control of the film, and the film producers. It would be very interesting to hear the whole story.

My bet is , the controllers know this (reptilian) information is getting out anyway , so, in an attempt to control things, they approach the main people in the field , telling them they want to make a big movie .... finance the whole thing .... When it's made they see how they can edit and spin it into something positive. If they can't they just shelve the whole thing or release it in a small way , and it never hits mainstream.

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