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Originally Posted by elpressiedente View Post
So gay is NOT normal. Its a personality fuck up with Body Electronics which is Meridian Lines of Force or Magnetic Field chaos.
The failure of "science" to see neural pathways or the Central Nervous System as conduits for energy to power the Bodies functions as a Bio Circuitry and the lesser known Entric Nervous System as the Collector Energy Circuit and how these Meridian Energy Lines govern or initiate the hormonal system that biology 'has' studied and how these bodily fluids govern the MOODS and Psych of the individual, Is it any surprise when this Body Electric Science is introduced its met with "BS WOO" remarks.

To long have we been told its proteins and Carbs and Sugars provide the energy the body runs on when in fact it might be quite different on how the body NORMALLY functions and what these Body Electronics and Meridian Energy Lines of Acupuncture charts, showing how to fix out of whack with needles (think bi polar) might cause for SEXUAL PREFERENCES.

Needles might be one way for correcting but there are many known to us Practicing Druids and Alchemists. And we know our Cauldrons for essential oils dont work when in the presence of Bio Magnetic Fields that dont know if they are Artha or Martha.

To properly fix these imbalances one uses Baghdad Battery and Needle technology to fix the circuitry.

With this technology I can Flash your Third Eye and make every cell in the body generate Ozone you can taste and see come out as mist from the mouth. You Literally SEE the LIGHT.

It fixes lots of body electronics like numbness, thyroid issues, tinnitus, blindness, metallic tastes in the mouth to name but a few we have "cured".
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