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Arrow Cold Fritz

Camp CommandAnt..
Gulf War (220 of 374) - Desert Storm..

Broadcast (New Zealand): 8th - 13th February 1991...

Fergus Walsh was brought up in BuckinghamShire by his Irish parents, who emigrated in the 1950s..His father, Michael, and Mother, Ita, are deceased = The Eighteenth Spirit is Bathin..He is a Mighty and Strong Duke, and appeareth like a Strong Man with the tail of a Serpent, sitting upon a Pale-Coloured Horse..He knoweth the Virtues of Herbs and Precious Stones, and can transport men suddenly from one country to another..He ruleth over 30 Legions of Spirits = In the universe, argon-36 is by far the most common argon isotope, as it is the Moist easily produced by stellar nucleosynthesis in supernovas..His first national report was for Radio 4 News,covering a Mass trespass by Members of CND..., that's great..That's just fuckin' great, man!.Now what the buck are we supposed to do?.We're in some real pretty shit now, man!..That's it, man..Game over, man..Game over!.What the fuck are we gonna do now?..What are we gonna do?..Maybe we can build a fire, sing a couple of songs, huh?..Why don't we try that?...

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