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Lightbulb The Sun from the South

Reconstructions of two versions fa the historical Oriflamme banner..
The Oriflamme (from Latin aurea flamma, "golden flame") was the battle standard of the King of France in the Middle Ages..It was originally the sacred banner of the Abbey of St. Denis, a monastery near Paris.. When the oriflamme was raised in battle by the French royalty during the Middle Ages, most notably during the Hundred Years War, no prisoners were to be taken until it was lowered.. Through this tactic they hoped to strike fear into the of the enemy, especially the nobles, who could usually expect to be taken alive for ransom during such military encounters..The banner was red or orange-red silk and flown from a gilded lance..According to legend, its colour stems from it being dipped in the blood of the recently beheaded St. Denis..When the Offaflamme was displayed on the battlefield it indicated that no quarter was to be given, its red colour being symbolic of cruelty and ferocity..

Coat of arms of Luz

Luz is located in the southwest corner of the municipality of Lagos, and covers an area of 21.78 km².. It is bordered to the South by the Atlantic Ocean..The existence of human artifacts and shell mounds in the area is a constant, suggesting a human presence before organized civilization..The Romans left behind the remnants of a spa, which represents one of the more important archaeological discoveries of the modern municipality.. Following the decline of the Pax Romana, the Algarve began to be threatened by peoples from the lands of ancient Morocco..The Arabs brought with them many of the fruit orchards that continue to exist in the foothills of Luz.. Moorish rule in the Algarve resulted in the assimilation of the indigenous cultures, transforming the region into a major economic power..The Christian conquest and Reconquista resulted in the expulsion of the Moors from the Algarve, in the institutionalization of Christianity and the building of churches.. During the Middle Ages, the parish was officially referred to as Nossa Senhora da Luz..Much like many of the coastal communities of Portugal, Luz was susceptible to attacks by pirates from North Africa..Luz was frequently attacked by Moars, who plied the water of the Algarve, attacked small settlements, and pillaged the treasures of the churches and homes of its residents..Many of the fishermen became employees of the hotel industry, while the cannery employees, welders and farmers began working in civil construction..Maids perform typical domestic chores such as cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, walking the family dog, and taking care of children..The visitor to Luz encounters many façades with Manueline-era architectural motifs..Lagos is twinned with..Torres Vedras, district of Lisbon, Portugal - Palos de la Frontera, autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain - Santiago (“Saint James”), in Cape Verdean Creole, is the largest island offa Cape Verde - The Green Island..The countries of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya are often collectively referred to as the Maghreb, which is the Arabic word for "Sunset"..

Princess Gisla of West Francia..

Vikings Church Scene & Floki's War Chant s03e07 ..

Although the azure ground (from the blue cope of St. Martin of Tours) strewn with gold fleur-de-lis remained the symbol of royalty until the 15th century, the Oriflamme became the royal battle standard of the King of France, and it was carried at the head of the king's forces when they met another army in battle.. In the fifteenth century, the fleur-de-lis on the white flag of Joan of Arc became the new royal standard replacing both the symbol of royalty and the Oriflamme on the battle field..The bearer of the standard, the porte-oriflamme, became an office (like that of Marshal or Constable) and a great honour, as it was an important and very dangerous job to take charge of such a visible symbol in battle.. If things went badly, the bearer was expected to dye rather than relinquish his charge..A solar symbol is a symbol which symbolises the Sun..In the poem Völuspá, a dead Völva recounts the history of the universe and foretells the future to the disguised god Odin..Old Norse volva means "Wand carrier" or "carrier of a Magick staff"..Máni (Old Norse/Icelandic "moon") is the personification offa the moon in Norse mythology..Most authorities consider manipadme to be one compound word rather than two simple words..The word Mani means "jewel" or "bead; but the crystal blue eye has always been the most popular one... seen a film about his tribe once..It was called 'Tarazn and the Ape Man..Why does the sun come up, or are the stars just pinholes in the curtain of knight?..We're all doing time..Even the screws..How do you fight such a savage? ..With heart, faith and steel..Then there's the Commandant..Happy Hallowe'en, ladies!...

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