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Different context but similar story.
All the evidence Lee-Anne found she passed to the police. But, to her amazement, they took no action and Helen remained free.
Now, reporting is one thing. It will not be you who will be fighting in the courtroom unless you are related to the victim.
Like the case above, it takes a hell of a lot of energy and luck (?) on your side to bring justice. I am up against a civil case and the perps has been getting away with it for many years. If it is not for my guide guiding me what to look for, where to go, which law to read etc.... I'd be cluless. It's not as easy as... Oh I'll report this and hey presto, the perp will be arrested and charged.

This is why I say, unless you are related to and can do something about it.
Busy body approach hardly works and in fact can work against the victim because it will send an alarm to the perps and he'll disappear.
In this sort of instance, as a third party, I'll work on the perps so that he'll become complacent and make unmistakable mistake and expose himself etc.... Let it happen naturally. As much as we don't like being played, it's all mind control and use it to your advantage.

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