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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Load of shit. There is more evidence in child abuse than video footage. What about actual physical and psychological damage? that doesn just turn up and it cant be ignored.

Sounds to me like you would prefer to ignore the issue based on the theory that nothing will be done to help anyway. You either do the right thing and report it or accept that you are allowing it to continue. Just because you dont trust the system it doesnt mean you dont make the effort to do the right thing because of your prejudice.
The problem with the justice system is that...not only it is rigged, like Hillsborough police chief let loose after all, it can only deliver certain sentence whereas if you take the justice in your hand, you know it will be done the way they deserves it where it is covered by no manmade laws. For some, may be staying in the jail is a cushty deal. Many people re-commit crime just so that they'll be accommodated and food provided etc. How is it that is a justice?
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