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Originally Posted by the nine View Post

This family lost all their children for simply reporting a predator propositioning their 8 year old boy, the earl offered the family £25,000 to abuse their son when ever he felt like it..
they phoned the police who went around to speak to the Earl regarding the accusations..when they returned they said harm no loss, let it go..
Th father wanted him to be arrested and put on the register..thats when their problems started, and they eventually had to flee the country and lost everything including all their children..

So, if you know of a child being abused, be very careful how you act if you have children of your own..

Melanie shaw has spent years in prison, her crime..reporting her sexual abuse in the care system when she was a child..

see a pattern here?

So who would you report the child abuse to, that we are all duty to bound to do?
Its clear there is a segment within the police and social services and secret courts who are there to protect the guilty at the expense of the victims and the 'whistle-blowers'
I have a number of children but there is no way I would sit back and say nothing if I knew of kids being abused.

If there is nothing but an accusation of an offer then thats not going to get a prosecution but could easily be seen as a blackmail attempt if its a rich earl being accused.

I just cant believe Im seeing a person who would claim to be all for punishing abusers basically saying it might be better to do nothing. You are basically hiding behind your prejudice to do nothing and let people suffer. Shame on you.
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