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The wheels of history have turned!..

We may think we won the Second World War..But we lost..It is no surprise that we are all living in the Fourth Reich..Knowingly or not those who support and defend the European Union are supporting the Nazi legacy..Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" traces the foundations of Western funding of the Soviet Union...If you are afraid of wolves, keep out of the woods..

Macron Calls for Real European Army During WWI Commemoration..

The EU was inspired and designed by Nazis', the authors claim..Hitler was the man who gave bones to the dreams first expressed by Charlemagne and Napoleon but the finishing touches to the EU as we know it were put in place during World War II by a man called Walther Funk, who was El President of the Reichsbank and a director of the Bank for International Settlements..The Nazis wanted to get rid of the clutter of small nations which made up Europe and their plan was quite simple..The book argues it is no coincidence that the EU is so close to Hitler's plan for post-war Europe..In 1945, Hitler's Masterplan was captured by the Allies..The Plan included details of his scheme to create an economic integration of Europe and to found a European Union on a federal basis..The Nazi plan for a federal Europe was based on Lenin's belief that federation is a transitional form towards complete union of all nations..Wall Street banks and American businesses supported Hitler's rise to power by financing and trading with Nazi Germany..
Merkel booed as she calls for 'real European army' at Parliament..

Everyone's depressed - bad for the economy but excellent for cabaret..

The European Commission has said it is “delighted” that the leaders of France and Germany have backed the creation of a “real” EU army..A spokesperson for the commission’s El President Jean-Claude Juncker said he was pleased” that the argument for the force seemed to be “going in our direction...El President Macron’s — and now German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s — desire to build a European army is a reflection that the Continent has woken up to the reality that it needs to stand on its own two feet, instead of relying on the U.S. on security..And that’s exactly what El President Trump has said he wants..Russian El President Vladimir Putin said it made sense for a powerful economic bloc like the European Union to want to defend itself militarily, for the multipolar world...French Emmanuel called for a “real European army” to allow the bloc to defend itself against Russia and even the US...Hitler's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of the BBC, Laura..the books says..It also claims..The EU has forced us to use light bulbs which are more dangerous and more expensive than the old ones...Barbas (or Marbas) is a demon DEscribed in the Ars Goetia..He is described as the Grrrrrrreat El President of Hell Governing 36 legions of DEmons.... measurement of time..Best accomplished, obviously, with a watch..But, lacking a watch, a man may use instead the ebb and flow of light and dark..History wasn't made without taking risks...

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