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Lightbulb Junkers

That was a disaster..

Well I just...should never have put me in with that Woman..
The history of Junkers aircraft production begins with the Junkers J 1 mid-wing monoplane (not to be confused with the later, all-metal sesquiplane ground attack aircraft J.I which had a factory designation of J 4).. Research for this aircraft began in 1914 and was interrupted by the start of the First World War..The prototype aircraft, named the Blechesel (Tin or Sheet-metal Donkey), was completed in very late 1915 after the outbreak of the war..In the immediate post-war era, Junkers used their J8 layout as the basis for the F-13, first flown on 25 June 1919 and certified airworthy in July of the same year..This four passenger monoplane was the world's first all-metal airliner.. Of note, in addition to significant European sales, some 25 of these airplanes were delivered to North American customers under the Junkers-Larsen affiliate and were used primarily as airmail planes..

The Junkers factory in Dessau, 1928..

Around 1931 the company suffered from a series of financial difficulties that led to the collapse of the group of companies.. The existing shareholders pressured Hugo to leave the company.. Hugo, however, was the patent holder on a wide variety of the technologies used in most of the existing Junkers designs, including many of their engines..The Nazi party came to power in Germany in 1933, and all German aviation development was shifted away from long-range civil aircraft types.. Hugo Junkers himself was forced to transfer all his patents to the Nazis, who doubted that Junkers (a socialist pacifist) would comply with their plans..With the introduction of the Junkers Ju 86 bomber of 1934, Junkers abandoned the corrugated sheeting of his earlier designs..

The Wolfman - Gwen Consults The Gypsy ..

Gordon Brown announced the move, which should help some 2,000 families, at a charity poetry reading for Haiti in London on Saturday..The 5,700 sheets cost £35,000 and were bought from the £20m the UK government has allocated to the relief effort..They will be shipped to the stricken country next week..Between 100,000 and 200,000 people are thought to have died in the devastating earthquake which struck Haiti on 12 January..The government has purchased all of the UK's available corrugated iron sheets to provide shelters for victims of the Haiti earthquake..The corrugated frog or rivulet frog Limnonectes laticeps is a species of frog in the Dicroglossidae family - The Ju 52 was a transport aircraft, roughly equivalent to the Allies' DC-3 Dakota, that was also modified to carry out bombing raids..Perhaps even more successful was the Junkers Ju 88, medium bomber of the German forces..Louis the Junker was a son of Otto I, Landgrave of Hesse... now the third and most grave of inquiries..That's so, but 3 months is a whale of a while for friends who are accustomed to meet two or 3 times a week..I just don't get this thing at all, and you're being a sight too reticent about it..Come on now-what do you know?..Oh, I know it seems absurd when we've known each other such a short time....

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