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For me, the difficult thing with this is that a wake-up call for most people around me, would be as if throwing icecold water at someone who is in a state of deep-sleep.
Is that what works? Maybe reading a book of David for the first time (which was The biggest secret for me) was -my ice-water- and I was in a state of shock for days, but now, after many books and seeing the world in a different way, there is not much that would surprise me anymore.

About throwing pearls: I feel that is true to a certain point. Like I read on another thread here, maybe not everyone is supposed to wake up, we are at different levels here....but, I will still try to 'wake up' people who I care about, in a gentle way, even though they think I'm crazy. I don't feel superior to those who 'know less'. In the end, I stil have to figure out what power I really have as an individual to change things, that is what my mother always asks me: what can YOU really do then? I notice that I have no good answer to that. I only know that waking up is the first step.
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