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i tend to try to 'awaken' people when i've had a few beers, which is probably not the best time. My close friends haven't got a clue and are more interested in the football scores or what a 'slut' amy winehouse is. One of them, Tommy, listens then blames everything on Labour or the jews, the other just doesn't care.

My wife and her friends have thought i was a nutter for the last 18/24 months because i have been telling them that the banks are going to fail and that they will go to the cashpoint one day and thier card won't work anymore. These people have started asking serious questions and want to borrow DVD's.

But, in this same time my anger(? maybe wrong word), has subsided as i spend more time thinking about reality and consciousness, and if everything is as i believe, internal, holographic, virtual or whatever what does the humdrum matter?

It's a funny old world.

As a good DVD to get people thinking about that sort of thing i would highly recommend any of the Ian Lungold lectures, i'm not saying he is right but i am saying that it will get you thinking about what consciousness is.

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