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Originally Posted by frank1974 View Post
As seen from the video,

Bacillus X and Y (Cancer)
1,604,000 - 11,780,000

The smaller the size, the higher the frequency, all frequencies are in Hz (cycles per second). Note that these are not ranges, but seperate definite frequencies for the different parts of the virus. Rife used a machine that used two frequencies at the same time.

A simpler(larger) virus.

Influenza (1918)
1,674,000 - 1,946,704

Note the (1918), may be specific to a strain found in 1918.

Thats a good find. Wish I could afford one to try out. Slightly different technology though, more like Healthvibes machine in application(contact with the body), but healthvibes use inverted frequencies instead of just increasing the amplitude(power/volume). Inverting frequencies causes a phase cancellation, like the noise cancelling headphones some people wear on aeroplanes which takes the frequency of sound from the ear and plays it back inverted so you end up hearing nothing. I think inverting frequencies may be a way of encouraging the body to heal itself, rather than just destroying a certain type of matter. I don`t know enough about the chemistry/biology to be sure 100%. (You need to be a Chemist, Physicist, Biologist etc etc. to understand it all)

Rife's machine didn`t need to come into contact with the body, it worked from a distance by way of a plasma tube.

Its all based on the same theory though, regardless of how the frequencies are applied to the body.

Good health!
i dont know how you mean inverted frequencies, i do know what you mean by phase cancellation though, like entrainment or bilateral beats (somthing like if one was 100hz and the other one was 200hz then the resultant frequency would be 50hz or simalar concept)
but if both machines use 2 frequencies then i cant understand how they differ. also i cant understand how light would affect the body.. yes i know photons and that big debate over waves or particles but i'll use what he used, might try light first as its easy to produe, in the video (the modern one) it looked like a Ultra violet bulb, the question is will a bulb like that reach a Mhz? and if so you would need a scope because you wouldnt beable to tell because it would look continueus.
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