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Originally Posted by sukiari View Post
This is one theory about these symbols. However, it is unheard of for heiroglyphs to have been mutilated in this fashion after installation. If they were to be revised they would have been totally ground away and redone.

Debunkers would go to great lengths to have us believe things that aren't true.
It's not a theory - it's a fact. I can read most of the hieroglyphs that are partly concealed. The glyphs weren't mutilated; they were plastered over by a new Pharaoh and re carved just as you suggested would be done, but the rock crumbled and parts of it fell off leaving some of the original glyphs visible underneath. Because they were drawn on a different scale to the later ones when they are combined they look very odd.

Here’s a photo of the glyphs which were the original ones underneath and parts of them have combined with the glyphs on top to make unusual shapes.

If you look carefully at the photo of the Abydos glyphs you can clearly see these glyphs underneath. The bow in the upper left corner and the 9 vertical lines underneath is the glyph for the phrase ‘nine bows’ which indicates the traditional enemies of Egypt and is part of the Seti I inscription “who repulses the nine bows”. The top horizontal line is clearly visible but the rest of the bow is lost under the overlaying glyph.

The hand glyph on the top right is a sign for the letter ‘D’ and can clearly be seen on the Abydos photos although in some photos the thumb part has been erased to make it fit the theory.

Underneath the hand glyph is the glyph showing a mouth and combined with the overlaying glyph of what is either a basket or a basket with an attachment, which is either ‘Neb’ or ‘K’.

I won’t go into the rest of the glyphs because if you look carefully you can see them for yourself especially if you look at this

which shows the two lots of inscriptions; the originals in blue and the overlaying ones in green.

If you prefer to go with your erroneous belief that these glyphs show military equipment then go ahead, I can’t stop you although you would have to explain two things:

1. Why are these military objects nor described anywhere or found anywhere?

2. Why have the Egyptians broken with centuries of tradition and placed pictures of objects in to a line of glyphs. Any drawings or representations of people or things were done first and then the glyphs were placed around them; the drawings were never placed inside the text.

You say “Debunkers would go to great lengths to have us believe things that aren't true.” But I would say that you and those like you are going to great lengths to force yourselves to believe in something that is ridiculous to anyone who can read hieroglyphs. As I assume you can’t read these glyphs why are you passing judgement on them?

Look at the pictures honestly and you can’t fail to see some of the original hieroglyphs. For instance the nine vertical lines of this glyph at the bottom left

are quite visible under this overlaying glyph

Which is repeated 3 times and means ‘foreign lands’.

Don’t be one of those people who are too scared to investigate something honestly because it may interfere with a cherished belief. There are many mysteries in ancient Egypt, I have never denied that, but this is not one of them.
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