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Since I noticed that changed the URLs of “my” images in April 2018 I’ve been using to “archive” my images. Yesterday I noticed that these images were removed…
Here I repost 3 of the removed images…

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Chapter 2
In 1902 when vaccination was endorsed by the majority, the death-rate from smallpox was 2,121. By 1910, vaccination disasters had caused it to lose favour to such an extent that the smallpox death-rate dropped to 202.
The pharmaceutical industry worked up a nationwide vaccination campaign that raised the smallpox death-rate to 358 (1919) and 642 (1921).
When the people noticed that the vaccinated were the ones who suffered most from smallpox and flu, they lost faith and by 1927 the deaths had dropped to 138 where it has been fluctuating since.

Although in 1929 the League of Nations reported India as the greatest centre of smallpox in the world, it has improved since gaining its freedom from Britain and relaxing its vaccination enforcement program.

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Chapter 7
The common diseases mentioned by Morgan, more than doubled after the annual June vaccination campaign (measles more than tripled).

Eleanor McBean - The Poisoned Needle (1957):

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Following are tables that compare not-vaccinated Leicester with well-vaccinated populations.
In the “great epidemic” of 1871, both Leicester and Birmingham were well-vaccinated, and both suffered severely by the epidemic.
The last column in the last table should have read “Navy”...
Alfred Wallace – VACCINATION A DELUSION (1898):
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