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The Fila logo has bothered me for a long time:


I've always thought that they split the 'F' into an 'I' and an 'L'. I've been doing a lot of work with gematria on another thread, which should be checked out: From that work, I know that 'IL' is one of several two letter combos equal to '33' in Reverse English Gematria. 33 and 666 are the key numbers.
IL = 18+15 = 33 (Reverse Ordinal)
I consider this a definite possibility. More obvious examples of two letter '33' combos are M&T Bank, H&M clothing, and DQ (Dairy Queen).
MT = 13+20 = 33
HM = 19+14 = 33 (Reverse Ordinal)
DQ = 23+10 = 33 (Reverse Ordinal)
Occult Corporate Logos Summary:

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