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Shooting star called Comet, just like the cleaning product.

Interesting pyramid-shaped logo for Mason Contractors.

Dockers uses the anchor as caduceus with wings. You can find the anchor in many Masonic images. I believe I read somewhere that the anchor is related to the kundalini, but I cant remember where. This caduceus/anchor logo is consistent with that. Dock = 4+15+3+11 = 33

HM = 19+14 = 33 (Reverse Ordinal)

A niro/nero is a period of time. It is likely the length of one decan, which is one third of a zodiac age. There are 36 decans in the Great Year or the 12 zodiac ages. 666 years is the length of one decan, meaning the length of a zodiac age is 2000 years. 666.666... x 3 = 2000 years. See Higgins' Anacalypsis. This is likely why certain people argue that 666 refers to the emperor Nero, which doesnt make any sense. 'Nero' is really a period of time.

F, O, and X all equal 6 in English Reduction gematria, making 'OFF' equal to 666.
Occult Corporate Logos Summary:
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