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From Cinema Symbolism 2 by 32° Freemason Robert W. Sullivan IV:
"The wily Sirius Black (the Black family is named after stars) is named after the Egyptian Dog Star; as such Sirius can change at will into a black dog." - p. 364.

"It is Lucy, embodying a Neoplatonic Lucifer the Lightbearer, who truly does bear the light of the sun - Aslan qua Christ - when she returns with the mighty solar lion at the film's conclusion. Is it Lucy that bears the light? Doubt it not!" - p. 404.

"Salt, sulfur, and mercury are the great symbols of the alchemist, while there are four symbolic colors associated with the Magnum Opus or creation of the Philosopher's Stone: nigredo is blackening or melanosis, albedo is whitening or leucosis, citrinitas is yellowing or xanthosis, rubedo is reddening or iosis. Rubedo, the color red, symbolizes finalization of the alchemical process..." - p. 425.

"...the Lovers (card six in the Rider-Waite deck) which symbolizes the erotic, ecstatic union of the male and female (cf. Union of Opposites) to create new life or an alchemical higher self." - p. 437.

"The two great opposing principles, active and passive, male and female, are the sephiroths Hokmah (Male) and Binah (Female), who are personified by Robin (sun) and Marian (moon) unified: the finalization of the alchemical wedding. The three heroic archetypes and their corresponding paths all lead to Crown (Kether) which for Robin, Will, and Marian is the restoration of the proper English monarch, King Richard, who rules via the doctrine of the divine right of kings." - p. 502.

"If placing 9/11 in modern media was designed to soften us, it is safe to say they failed miserably. Nevertheless, this author believes the appearance of disguised and subtle 9/11 imagery in films and televisions shows before the terrorist attack is fascinating and worthy of investigation. This author harkens back to what he said in the Preface, which is that this seems to be evidence that Jung's collective unconscious is not only be[sic] inherited but is also predictive, which suggests that notions of time, as we currently understand it, may not be linear. If this is so, and this author tends to believe this to be the case, then 9/11 imagery would appear, regardless of the filmmaker's conscious intent." - p. 528.

I like this author because he gives us a lot of information, and he admits the existence of 9/11 predictions in movies and TV shows. Yet, whenever he gets to the point of recognizing conspiracies, he stops short. This idea of the collective unconscious being the root of 9/11 movie symbolism is naive to the extreme for someone with all this Masonic education. I suppose the Rockefellers accidentally built two towers, and then a single tower was accidentally built to replace them, accidentally representing the alchemical wedding Sullivan talks about so much. I guess the Rockefellers accidentally built a statue Prometheus and a statue of Atlas holding up the heavens with zodiac and planet symbols on it. Maybe he just cant publish the whole truth, so he has to stop short.
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