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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Remember the Newsnight 'Vicar' who supported Theresa May’s Brexit deal? She’s a BBC ACTOR
Not strictly accurate. Her acting is entirely bit part roles and most of them in feature films and not BBC.


The photo above is of the same person , on the left is the actor 'Lynn' and on the right after the BBC have dressed her up as a (male?) vicar .
Err no. The lady on the left is the bloody Newnight presenter Emily Maitlis

That's a clever move by the psi-op masters , a vicar is trustworthy , honorable and so 'spiritual' you can rely on his opinion.
Hardly. It is one of the dumbest things anyone could do in this day and age, almost 100% certain to get found out. She has neighbours, friends, colleagues etc.

Who says we don't get value for money from paying the TV license ...two psi-ops in one , not only supporting May , but pushing transgender confusion too!!!
I'm not sure why pushing Brexit to completion is an issue, May's solution is fairly shite, but getting out of Europe was always going to be a major headache. The idea of a female religious figure is not transgender confusion.

From previous BBC debates, they do engage alternate viewpoints (interference) that are very often from dickheads. In this case, she didn't really do an awful lot. Just a concensus opinion, but I don't think many would be swayed to support May, who did not already do so, just on this person's words.

And from a logical point of view, I can't imagine anyone with a brain thinking that her involvement would actually do much. Let alone anyone with a brain employing somebody who is a known actress and not expecting it to be noticed. More, why would anyone who wants Brexit done and dusted, quibble that the BBC also want it done and dusted.

What crazy world would it be deliberate to rally support for something like this??? Makes no sense.

By the way , BBC revenue from TV licences was £3.8302 billion in 2017!!!

I'll say that again ...BBC revenue from TV licences was £3.8302 billion in 2017!!!

That's higher than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Eritrea , Greenland ,Liberia , Belize and 43 other countries ...

So the BBC's income is more than 47 sovereign nations out of the worlds 211 . ... It should have a seat at the UN!

But I digress ....
Overpaid actors/producers accounts for a sizeable chunk of that, but you digressed didn't you.

from the DI article " Yes, “Lynn” is not an ordinary member of the public at all. Nor is she a genuine Vicar. She is, in fact, an actor – and not only that, she has previously worked as a minor cast member on numerous BBC programmes.'"
She is a pastor and a bit part actress. She wrote a book about God in 2016...

From 2016 a video testimony from an American Bishop...

I make no claim to support her level of commitment to god, as religion is shite and her spinoff website looked decidedly dodgy. But her established history suggests that she is some kind of religious figure. I also make no claim to support her wearing "vicar regalia".

One minute video

I watched her "performance" open minded and I quite honestly think that if she is "acting" then it is incredibly natural.

The BBC is having none of it , newsnight tweeted ...

"Claims that Lynn appeared on #newsnight as a paid actor are false. Lynn is a pastor and was a genuine participant of our Brexit debate. She carries out work as an extra using her middle name but this is not relevant to the capacity in which she appeared."
The BBC uses agencies to populate its discussion shows, in this case I see a case of stupidity rather than deliberate subterfuge.

Yes, the BBC can be appallingly biased and brush things under the carpet(Savile!) but fake news? Not seeing it.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

1. Does anyone have any direct evidence showing it was a BBC remit to employ her as an actress and not a stupid agency error?

2. Can anyone explain the logic behind supporting an actual Brexit agreement as being detrimental to what the pro-brexiters wanted?

3. Is there any reason to suggest that such a fringe program (1/2 million viewers - mainly politically minded anyway) is going to sway the general public who don't watch it?

4. If you were planning fake news, would you employ anyone like that, when there is 100% certainty it would be found out?

Hey, It's me and I certainly don't expect anyone to agree with this, given the ludicrous levels of confirmation bias I've seen, but to casual observers.....there you go.

Anyway....After stopping posting here for a few months, I can safely say, that most of the totally fake "news" seems to be coming from the person who started this thread. With that, I'll leave you to it again. Couldn't resist this one given the irony it represents...there are so many more that I could tear apart, but as my location tagline suggests....
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