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Default The MH 370 disaster - what I was told and what people are not seeing.

A few nights before the disappearance of this plane I was told the following:

Huge explosion over Namibia.

Namibia means 239. Re get rid of the vowels, becomes NMB, which means 239.

Add these numbers together it comes to 14.

It dropped in 2.8 miles of ocean.

These two numbers are white supremacist numbers. 14 words, 28 is BH, Blood and Honour, the motto of the Hitler Youth.

How would you ensure 239 people on the plane? By variously opening and shutting down the booking system. The use of speed of light pinpoint nervous system frustrators will also deny people getting to the plane, and these people won't know it. It can pretty subtle but is very effective.

370, also relates to 3 x 7 as per the three sevens on the old white supremacist flag of Namibia.

The flight was on a direction vector toward Namibia. So it matches.

37 codes to MK, Mein Kampf. Also Mako, which relates to shark and another clue which I won't mention now.

Planes can be gassed subtly, and also can be hijacked remotely by remote control. Nervous system frustrators can be used as well. Raytheon has boasted about their technology on the internet, as an example of this technology.

White supremacists have a history of terrorism and so it fits...

Why? It's hard to know, but they don't like authority and they like boasting about antisocial activities.
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