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Originally Posted by rooey View Post
Why did you delete that stuff about African drumming DR and music? Was very relevant I thought.

Also ohmbudsman, hehe ohm buds ;-) anyway, of course you get good vibes from certain songs, if people didn't like or respond to any of the music it would be pointless. I've had experiences and so have others that suggest theirs something other then just people dancing and reflecting their various inner states. Im talking about how the scene has developed and changed over times to favour certain things. I raved/clubbed/doofed for 15 years up until stopping 3 years ago to take stock of what I've been involved in. I've since experimented and researched through various means the scene and music since. I've got tracks by artists such as Slavedriver - soul grabber, labels like Robsoul, and many others with esoteric images and concepts left/right and centre. Dance music has been the main inspiration for the majority of pop music we have today, listen to pop radio and you'll find 90% of music at least is electronically based. It's more then just the negative and positive I think in my head. Psycic's, people on acid and mushrooms, even the tracks themselves talk about interplay with other dimensions. I'm not convinced it's all evil either. Like DR said about Africa, people have been dancing to rhythms for a long long time. If you subscribe to the notion that humans have been quite developed for some time then dancing and music have been going on a spectacularly long time.
It's hard to determine what's "positive" or "negative" as for the most part, these are often people's subjective opinions and it's not always obvious.

Having said that, in a number of ancient societies there was an understanding of how sounds can affect people and even the social order. The ancient cultures of Egypt, China & India had this kind of music system. (I heard a lecture about ten years ago on cymatics which mentioned how even the architecture in many later churches were built in accordance with acoustic principles, in order for the organ music to induce a mild trance.)

This approach remained in traditional African societies but has been gradually disappearing with the onset of European colonialism, Islam & globalisation in general.

Here's a thread I posted many moons ago that you may find of relevance:

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