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Originally Posted by indolering View Post
see my post #25 in this thread. If it's evidence you want, it's all there. Icke doesn't go into great detail about the nature of the moon but enough to give you an idea of why this theory is quite possible. Wilson's books are excellent and goes into some detail of the anomalies and evidence found by NASA and others. And lordzoma's thread ( is also an excellent resource. Then come back and tell me this is just all a 'fanciful dream'. Far greater minds than yours endorse this theory, not least because it's the only theory which explains the evidence. If you've got a better theory, I'm all ears.

By the way, I do not 'trawl the net'. I'm a regular here and I've posted plenty about this very topic. And no one has come close to offering an explanation of the moon's origin which correlates the facts as well as Spaceship Moon. Your free to give it a whirl....
Post 25 offers no evidence that points to the moon being an alien space craft nor to it being an artificial construct. In reference to the link that you give. "The chances of our earth capturing the moon are billions to one according to newtonian physicist"? It is either possible or impossible. Even your own link suggest that it is possible tho improbable. You also do not seem to grasp modern physics. Although newtonian physics is useful for describing such things as gravity , planetary orbits ect. It is a model and nothing more. The modern view of gravity is in Einstein's relativity, where gravity instead of being a force between objects is described as a warp in space time. Imagine if you will a streched out piece of material representing space time. Placing an object in the centre will cause a dip.the dip in the fabric or space time is the gravitational influence of the object any object caught in this dip is under its gravitational influence. This is a visualization similar to Einstein's modłę of gravity. In any case there is nothing in the laws of physics that prevents the moon from being how it is. Nothing, to suggest otherwise is simply wrong. You all so briefly mention something to do with statistics, I am not entirely sure what is ment by that but take it you mean there is a low probability of our moon being the way it is. There was also a low probability of our sun to be the way it is to be host to our planet that was not only capable of supporting life but developed life. I think you have confused improbable with impossible. Look at it this way,(this sort of touches on quantum physics) most water molecules boil at 100 degrees, not all. So on average a pot of water will boil at 100 degrees. But not always if you repeated this enought times ( infinite) you would some times get a pot of water composed entirely or mostly of water molecules that do not boil at 100 degrees. To look at it another way say you have a jar full of gases, because each particle of the gas moves randomly independent from the other particles of gas you usually get a more or less uniform spread of the gas in the jar. But because each particle is moving randomly they can all move to the left to the right or whatever, however improbable it is not impossible. Our whole universe is completly based on randomness , like the big bang, an anomaly, we get order from chaos
Because no one can refute that the moon is a space ship or artificiall construct does not mean that it is true , you can not prove that the moon is not made of cheese or that there is not a tea cup orbiting the earth.
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