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The State Take-Down of Scallywag Magazine and the Murder of it's Co-Founder Angus James as Retaliation for Exposing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the John Allen Empire.

Extract from "Shoot The Women First" by Andrea Davison and Tom Doe.
Chapter 19 - What A Scallywag

.....The previous year Scallywag paid damages for defamation to serving
Prime Minister John Major and therefore had suffered financial damage.
Rumours had been circulating in Fleet Street and Parliament
about the Prime Minister and a sordid extramarital affair. To scotch these
rumors and ruin Scallywag MI5 and John Major cooked up a dirty plan.
They leaked the name of the wrong woman, Claire Latimer, to Scallywag.
Journalists that are more cautious may have hesitated, but Scallywags editors
Simon and Angus had not earned their reputations for fearless reporting for
nothing, they published and paid the price.

Scallywag was publishing articles about the Westminster Paedophile Ring
and the traffic of children from North Wales to London so Tory MP’s could
abuse them. John Major and his Government wanted to stop the
publication of the stories. They had the knives out for Scallywag’s editors,
contributors and researchers. The Anglesea libel trial, now ending was
designed to be another nail in Scallywags coffin.
Waiting in the corridor outside Court 13. I could not bear to witness the
young men who had described their multiple rapes and abuse be branded as
liars, just as they had when, as children, they pleaded for protection.
Judge Drake had warned the jury:
“And of course a complaint that someone has sexually assaulted you is comparatively easy to make up and difficult to
rebut. It is the nature of a sexual complaint that no one else is
likely to have seen it.”

The old court door swung open and Simon came out dark hair covering
his burning tears. He did not notice me, standing like a shadow dressed in a
black court suit, or notice my tears and clenched fists.
The jury, handpicked by Drake, awarded paedophile former Chief
Superintendent Gordon Anglesea compensation of £375,000. The Court also
guaranteed Anglesea its protection, ordering undertakings from the
defendants to prevent further publication of the truth. The defendants were
also ordered to pay all the substantial legal costs of the action.

Simon Regan wrote:
“I watched it in the now-famous Court 13 at the High Court during
the libel action between former Supt. Gordon Anglesey and Private
Eye (and others) when despite the fact that under cross examination,
Anglesey had to admit that his evidence did not correspond with his
own notebooks, the ‘other side’ subsequently tore the five main
witnesses to pieces in a monumental act of judicial harassment. Like
the whole story of child abuse in North Wales and elsewhere, it broke
my heart.”
Two months after giving evidence against Gordon Anglesea, one of the
young men Mark Humphreys, was found hanging from railings outside his
bedsit in Wrexham. The North Wales Police said it was not suspicious.
The Courts had shackled the independent media, stories about children in
State Care being raped and trafficked from North Wales, Islington, Lambeth,
and Jersey would be spiked. Only Scallywag continued unabated.
Enter Tory politician Dr. Julian Lewis. Taking advantage of a rent
dispute Lewis purchased the contents of Scallywags offices, including the
evidence against Westminster paedophiles. This was the final nail in
Scallywags coffin.

Simon Regan wrote:
“Dr. Julian Lewis, now Conservative MP for New Forest (East)
but then deputy head of research at Conservative Central Office in Smith Square, managed to purchase the contents of
our offices, which included all our files. It had been alleged that we
owed rent, which we disputed, but under a court order, the landlords
were able to change the locks and seize our assets, which included all
our files, including those we had made on paedophiles. It was
apparently quite legal, but it was most certainly a dirty trick.”
Scallywag was dead, but Spiked Magazine was born, founded and edited
by Simon’s half-brother Angus. One of the funders was Mohammed Al
Fayed, the owner of Harrods.
Spiked ran an article about the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
magazine MAGPIE, being published in the Home office. Another article
explained how kids were used by MI5 to blackmail diplomats.
I was researching and supplying information to Spiked, to push the
Welsh Secretary William Hague to call a public Inquiry. In July 1996, we
succeeded and the Government, reluctantly, announced The Waterhouse
Two private detectives employed by Al Fayed to dig the dirt on Tory
Politicians offered Angus, secretly filmed, compromising photos. The
pictures were of Defense Minister, Michael Portillo, engaged in sexual
activity with an underage boy. The owner wanted £100,000 for the
negatives. Al Fayed was not interested, so Angus went to Cyprus to get the
money from fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir. Life was exciting.
September gave way to cooler days. While Angus was away in Cyprus,
I was getting the low down on Michael Portillo MP and Jonathan Aitken
MP for Spiked. Needing to check information, I decided to make a call. The
rules were simple, ask the right questions and I would get the right answers,
ask the wrong questions and end up with disinformation. Finding a lonely
telephone box, I entered and dialed.
“Hello, it’s Tara.”
“Hello, how are you?”
“Angus from Spiked is in Cyprus making a deal with Nadir
“Tara, Angus is dead.”“Dead,” I said, the receiver slipping from my hand.
“He was in a car crash this morning,” they have eliminated the threat.”
“What about the photographs?”
“They will not surface; it’s a bigger picture than you know.”
“Not now, it’s the wrong time,” he said.
I stood listening to the monotone of a dead line.
Angus James Wilson died that day. The photographs of Michael
Portillo, the substantial check from Nadir and all Angus’s possessions

Simon Regan said that before Angus went to Cyprus,
“There was other wheeling and dealing in London prior to the
Cyprus trip and I knew something big was impending. What it was
in full is probably only known by Angus. All I know is that, prior
to Angus going to Cyprus, Basham and Diamond had struck a deal
and Angus was going to be the conduit. Basham’s brief was to
create a situation in which Nadir could return to the UK under
‘benevolent’ terms. That is that, at best, he is not charged at all
and, at worst, the evidence against him is flimsy and he gets a
token sentence.”
With the death of Angus, Spiked died along with fearless investigative
journalism. There were people as brave, as incorruptible and as resolute as
Angus and Simon and I was to meet one. He was destined to become a
legend in his own lifetime.

Shortly after Diana, Princess of Wales was slain in a Paris underpass I
was preparing for a special guest. Honeybees, chubby brown and mellow
yellow striped bodies hovered around the brilliant scarlet Azaleas on the
patio. A white filigree metal table laden with cakes, sandwiches and orange
juice blended into the black and white patio tiles. Two matching cushioned
metal chairs were positioned around the table, giving a view over the massive
lawn and on into the field and stretching out to the wooded horizon.
The preparations were for an extraordinary guest, a man of unusual perception,
whose ability to see through the illusion caused the Secret State to
launch a discrediting campaign against him. With remarkable composure, he
bore the brunt of their attack, brushing it off like a duck skimming through a
dirty lake brushes off the muddy water.
The sound of a vehicle drawing up cut through the gentle sound of
buzzing bees. Going to the red gate, I flicked the metal catch as David Icke
stepped out of his car.
__________________________________________________ ____________________

Read more:

by Andrea Davison (Author), Tom Doe (Author)

"Gripping, topical and gut-wrenching true-life adventure memoir of British born intelligence agent Andrea Davison. Intelligence Services few know exist, secret agreements running behind world events. How the dark heart of child abuse props up a system running behind a global deception perpetrated upon us all. From the icy cold of Siberia to the burning deserts of Iraq; from the busy streets of London to the wilds of Scotland. Andrea races against time to unearth secrets elite insiders keep veiled by propaganda and hidden via murder and imprisonment. State assassins, suicides to order, set-ups, child abuse, all backed by a relentless road roller of a legal system designed to serve as a mechanism of cover-up for an elite few. The game of intelligence is the greatest game ever played. The protagonists and heroes often disappear their stories lost in the shifting sands of time. Will Andrea solve the puzzle and save herself from assassination or jail? Shoot the Women First is the untold story of a secret global Intelligence Service and a hidden blood-line. Going behind the masks of Governments and State agencies. Step into mystery with Shoot the Women First for an exhilarating ride to the other side of the looking glass."

This is a must-read book and enthralls from start to finish - you will not be able to put it down. It is beautifully written throughout.
Essential reading for those interested in how government corruption and child abuse ties together with contraband, illegal arms sales and murder.

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