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I'd like to go over each statement and think about it.

First, they say that time is real. Yes. This is what I wanted to make clear.
It is real when we measure it in the measurable span. And something, even if it may not be the very nature of phenomenon, but at least the exterior shape of things change during the measurable time span.

Time exists in our casual lives. We don't have to refuse it. ( We in this forum site is completely different from people outside. ) It is something we need to abide by to "synchronize" with others in this modern society. We need to get up at 7 AM and eat breakfast and get to the working office by 8 AM. That's the time that is existing for us.

When time may not be present is when we are thinking or exchanging our ideas, completely free from this restriction. This is our quest in search of the truth.

In truth, those restriction in which we are bound is just an illusion in the big picture.

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