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Something tangible that records communication or facts with the help of marks, words, or symbols. A document serves to establish one or several facts, and can be relied upon as a proof thereof. Generally speaking, documents function as evidence of intentions, whereas records function as evidence of activities.

How do I check the word count in a document?
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No disrespect, sir, but I used to try to accommodate the same idea, "non-existing time". But I realized that it conflicts the idea that stood long time in our language awareness matrix. So, I distinguish non- existing time concept on only a particular condition where there is no space. Then, my conflict resolved.

When there is a space, there is a time dimension coupled to it.

When there is no space, the time dimension disappears.

That's what I'd like to describe in order to avoid the confusion.
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How do I add page numbers to a document?,r:14,s:61
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WordPerfect Solutions:
Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Word Count’.
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