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Post Creepy / Paranormal (True?)Stories Found Online

*Warning* Probably don't want to read these before bed... Can you handle THIS one, for instance?

When I was about 4, I was sitting alone in the living room playing with marbles. One of them rolled under the couch, and I stuck my hand as far under as I could to find it. I couldn't find it, so I withdrew my hand... and a black, withered, feminine hand reached out from under the couch after me. I remember it clearly. I sat there, too young to really know how batshit insane this was, but I remember thinking to myself "this is not right." I sat there dumbfounded and watched it; it groped around, then withdrew. Then it emerged again, pushing some plastic wrappers at me, as if it was trying to give them to me. When I didn't take them, it withdrew again, taking the trash with it, and was gone.

I got up very calmly and walked to my mother in the kitchen, at the other side of the house, and told her, 'mommy, a hand just reached out from under the couch.' She got an odd look on her face, of course, but I was a very quiet, obedient kid who did not tell stories. She told me that was impossible and walked back to the living room with me, and even reached her hands under the couch to show me there was nothing there. Later, my dad came home and lifted the couch, and all that was under there was my marbles, and some random trash.

For years, I discounted this as just a vivid dream I had had when I was a child; obviously I didn't believe it really happened. But years later, when I was like 18, I mentioned it to my mother in recollection. She surprised me by saying that, no, it actually happened; she remembered me coming to her that afternoon and telling her about the hand under the couch. She said it had disturbed her greatly, and was the reason they had thrown the couch out soon after, because she had bought the couch second hand, and the seller told her that an elderly black lady had died on it.
The following 20+ stories are from other threads online which I won't link to as it's against guidelines.

It's sometimes better to read stories posted by members of other forums for the simple fact that they have reputations established and aren't anonymous story-tellers who can just tell a big fib and walk away.

Here we go!

Drill Hole In Head To Release Demons

I have a sister who works in a call center for reporting child abuse. Apparently she has a lot of co-workers that have to go out on call and investigate them. One of these coworkers told her about the time she went to this old woman's house who supposedly lived alone.

The house itself was just creepy as all hell, extremely run down and also had one door to an inside room that she had apparently boarded up sometime before. It turns out she had been keeping her son in that room for most of his life. I can't remember how old he was but I do remember that she wouldn't let him out because he would "destroy things" and that she had drilled a hole into his head to let out the demons.
Creepy Art-Project Manikin

I'm posting here today because I need your opinion and advice on something. Recently, I created a life-size dummy out of plastic wrap and packaging tape. I used myself to mold it by wrapping my body in layers of plastic wrap, then in layers of tape, and then cutting it off and taping it back together again. Once i made the structure I put clothing on her and gave her a really fucked up makeup job (she's supposed to look disturbing for this particular art project) and then put a cheap blonde wig on her. I named her Carol. I gave her a back story and a personality and for the past week or so have been treating her as if she were real.

I brought her into school with me, and a lot of people were really creeped out by her. Especially my art teacher. Today, he told me that I he didn't want it in the art room anymore. When I asked him why, he said that when he was staying in the room late that night, Carol had been in the corner of the room. Which was where she'd been all week. He went into his office for a moment and when he came out, she had apparently moved from that corner and positioned herself right next to the door to his office. This freaked him out a lot, and he didn't want her to be there anymore. So I did him a favour and brought her home with me.

She's standing next to me right now. My mom wants me to get rid of her. She says that she gets a strange, creepy feeling from her. I do too. It seems like everyone does. And I kind of want to get rid of her. The thing is, I need her at least until tuesday so I can complete this art project that involves taking photographs with her. I also worked pretty hard on her, which would make her even harder to get rid of...What should I do?
Phone Calls from Ghost Child

something kinda creepy that just happened. All weekend I've been getting calls from a number marked private. I typically don't answer calls like that but this was the fifth or sixth time they've called. So I answer and it's a woman asking me why i have been calling her repeatedly since friday night. I ask her what the hell she's talking about.

Apparently at around 3 in the morning every morning since friday, voicemails sounding like a small child saying her name over and over have been left on her phone, and my number is the one that has been leaving them.
Real Banshee Encounter

So a few years back I was visiting some friends in a nearby city. The night went well; it was good to catch up with them again, as I hadn't seen them for a while. As the hours wore by, we began to walk towards one of their houses.

Which would be when we heard a blood-curdling scream coming from a side-street. Now, normally in a strange city, I wouldn't investigate this - but we were in a vaguely suburban area, it was relatively well lit, and there were a few of us. So, the girls in the group stayed on the main road, and the guys went to take a closer look.

The screaming did not stop. It sounded like it was coming from a nearby house, and it sounded like the screams of a woman. Maybe a child, perhaps. The lights in this house were on, and as we approached it I vaguely considered calling the police.

But the scream was not coming from the house; it was coming from the garden in front of it. In the gloom I could not see anything distinct, but I could now tell that the scream was coming from the branches of a tree. Something inside that tree was rustling violently, although thanks to the darkness I could not tell what. I exchanged glances with my friends, we paused, and suddenly the shaking - and screaming - stopped.

Silence for a moment. My friends and I exhaled.

And then something moved through the trees, rapidly, and before we could react it was gone. Glances exchanged again, but we were quickly satisfied that whatever it was had left. We walked back to the girls, and continued the evening as planned.

The next morning, I walked back past that same street.

On the road, there was a fresh chalk outline of a body.

Faceless Doll

oh yeah i forgot another one, my nan and grandad used to own a holiday caravan down by the english coast, i was staying there one year with my mum and dad i was staying in one of the bedrooms when one night i was gonna nip to the toilet and as i came out the door i noticed that by the second door she had a small knee high child doll thats facing the corner and covering its face....who buys them!? it was horrible it was like it was being punished, any way i was older then and not scared just...urgh thats horrible, any way i turn it around....the things are made with blank white faces.
there was nothing.
that for some reason in the middle of the night fucked my shit up lol.
went back to bed after the loo then stayed awake thinking about the faceless kid in the hallway facing the wall.....urgh! (shudder)
Creepy In-Home Spiderman Statue

Life sized statues are always creepy without fail. When I moved out o the dorms in college and into a rented house near campus, my mom managed to acquire a spider-man statue that her place of work had in storage. Nothing scary about Spidey, right? wrong. For the first few weeks of him being there I freaked out whenever I was in the same room as him with the lights off. He never moved or anything but I think our brains just see the darkened outline of a person and immediately force us to think "there's a man in the room" even if we know it's a statue.
Spectral Figure On Roof + Creepy Riding Hood Doll

Once as a little kid I woke up one night, I cannot remember why most likely a bad dream, and decided to grab one of my toys which usually helped me get back to sleep. This toy was an old Power Rangers figure and it was on my little desk which sat right in front of the large window in my bedroom. Looking out of this window you could mainly just see the neighbourhood trees and next door's flat roof. However that night I noticed something that has haunted me all my life. On that roof was a silhouette of a man or at least something resembling one. It was crouched low on top and as soon as I blinked it was gone.

For a long time I rationalised this as my imagination gone wild and that I can have easily seen nothing and that I was still bleary eyed at the time. However then weird things began to occur to me over the years.

Another case was my mother had an old Little Red Riding Hood doll that if you flipped the dress over her it revealed the Wolf. She always kept the Red Riding Hood mode up, only bringing out the Wolf for when I was bored as a toddler and she told me the story. This doll was also kept at the foot of her bed on a little chest which we still have lying around our current house. Basically one morning she went shopping and as I wandered around the place and as I walked past her room I saw the doll. But it had the Wolf side up. This was odd because I saw her leave her room, with the doll showing Little Red Riding Hood, just an our ago before going out. All I did was close the door and put the issue aside.
Shadow Man Under Streetlight

I was out taking my dog for his last bathroom run at midnight down our street when I noticed something odd. Down the road from us on the next corner is a pub and outside it that night I saw a tall, skinny silhouette. I thought it was a heat lamp they kept outside by accident, one of those big ones they use in restaurants.

However the goddamn thing began to move.

First it tilted its "head" and then it made its way towards me and my dog. My corgi, Monty, at this point was stock still and all he did was stare at the thing a good 50 meters away from us. It was almost like he was holding his breath. Also this thing didn't walk. There was no swaying of arms or movement of any other limbs. It just slowly got closer and closer. Needless to say we both turned around walked as quickly as possible, almost ran, back to our house a few doors away.
Haunted Home

I have nothing to back this up, I have simply heard these tales recounted multiple tmie by my wife and her brothers.

They all swear that the house their family was living in before I ever met my wife was all sorts of haunted. The house has been torn down since they moved out, but the lot it sat on is pretty damn creepy, and they showed me the graveyard that sits neglected in the woods about 1/4 mile behind where it used to sit. So there may be some truth to this.

On one occasion my wife (who was like 10 at the time) made a haunted house pillow fort thingy in her bedroom, using her barbies as props. She and her brothers swear that as she was hamming up her little tour of this thing all the one of the barbies stood up, walked jerkily to the center of the room and then collapsed, at which point all of the barbies arrayed around the room stood up simultaneously and then collapsed a moment later.

My wife told me she walked in on her grandmother having coffee and a conversation with her dead grandfather, not too out of the ordinary, senile old woman being senile, except my wife says that the chair across the table scooted back on it's own when she walked in.
Stumbling Into Ritual Territory

In 6th grade my two friends and I (I lived in the country with my dad, and my middle school was populated with the sort of folks who were threatened by someone who read for pleasure so I didn't have a vast army of friends) found 3 houses in the woods near my house. Nothing terribly creepy about them, just kind of odd, they all sort of faced each other and one seemed more like a business than a home in the way it was laid out, it was much smaller than the other two houses and had only one large room with a counter or bar type deal, with a much smaller room off the side. We used this little village to play tag and hide and go seek. One of their dad's let us use his paintball guns one time and that shit was a blast.

Well one morning we walk into out our "village" as we had started calling it, and in the middle of the three houses was the remains of an enormous bonfire. Great, we figure, some ass hats from school have found it and are probably waiting to beat us up, as this was a rather common occurence with us. We cautiously investigated the houses. The first one we checked out was the "saloon". Place looked normal aside from the decapitated deer head layng in a pool of blood on the counter/bar, that was covered in flies. Needless to say that shook us up a bit, we freaked out and ran back outside. After the initial shock I got my wits together enough to suggest that some hunters probably stumbled across this place and used it to dress their kill, gross but not horrifying, or satanic or anything right? Well once we got the courage up to check the two other houses we found that someone had spray painted pentagrams and this odd picture of two malevolent staring eyes on the walls, and on the floor of the second house was a pentagram with black candles at each point... well we fucking bolted.

In hindsight it was probably just some bored jackass students from the nearby highschool fucking around pretending to be wiccan or satanists, or something else they had no real knowledge of, bu goddamn if that shit didn't almost break my poor 12 year old mind with fright.

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