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Originally Posted by darketernal View Post
Interesting thread and valid points. The owl at the Bohemian club most definately does not represent Molech. These belief systems far predate Christianity or even Judaism. The same families involved in this are the same family lines which created and spread Christianity... and as previously stated Christianity created Satan. The "elites" do not worship the creation of their creation. This is disinformation to keep people on a blind goose chase.

The owl there represents the the wisdom of the mother goddess... Semiramis, Isis or whatever other names you chose to give her. Anyone who approaches these things from a limited Christian perspective is unable to see, because they are looking at a small part of the picture with blinders on and lenses which filter the information they are seeing so that it fits neatly into their pre-existing, and fabricated, perspective of reality.
The illuminati have everything to do with a "false" Chritianity that is very far from true Christianity. Their Christ is a "Christ story" that is conveniently "used" by them to further promote their hidden agenda.

Just as the false teaching that Jesus married Mary Magdalene is promoted by them, which I think you've written that your family believed, if I'm not mistaken.

And the worship of Molech is written about in Leviticus, 1st Kings and 2nd Kings where the Israelites sacrificed their own children to the god Molech, the god of the Ammonites and Phoenicians, descendants of the nephilim.

Whether it was an owl or some other type of idol, it was still a horrible practice, no?
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