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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I don't believe anybody calls themselves an atheist simply because they reject the Abrahamic god, if that were the case pagans would be atheists...
You'd be surprised.. Many self described pagans and pantheists do consider themselves "atheists", despite believing in an underlying spiritual essence of the universe.

Originally Posted by selig View Post
Atheists are free to believe in any form of woo they desire (an eternal soul, reincarnation, spiritualism, other dimensions, aliens, fairies, ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, horoscopes, etc.), just as long as they don't believe in god.
To me.. that just seems pointless and hypocritical, tbh..

I mean.. how does an atheist justify belief in a soul/spirituality/ghosts without believing in a supreme ultimate reality/underlying all pervading spirit or consciousness within the universe? ie 'God'?

Originally Posted by selig
There is more than one branch of pantheism. To some it is a theology in which the universe is god (or gods).. and to others it is a philosophy that does not involve a belief in a supernatural god; to believe that the universe exists is enough. This is where atheism and pantheism meet.

Naturalistic pantheism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yeah, I agree with that.. Though naturalistic pantheism just seems kind of pointless. Why even call it pan-"theism" then? I mean one could argue that the meaning of the word "supernatural" can also come down to semantics.. For example, many spiritual/religious minded people argue that since an atom is 99.9% empty space, it could hardly be consider material.. Hence, the material aspect of the reality we experience is an illusion.. At the same time, that atom IS .0001% physical, so it could technically be considered material too.. So is this a spiritual world or a purely physical one? Who said spirituality and nature were totally exlusive? Abrahamic fundamentalists don't represent the only school of thought on the divine/God..
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