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Arrow It's like a jungle sometimes

I'm trying not to lose my head..

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5..

In the clip, a large crowd can be seen gathering as a suspect is detained next to the Standard Inn pub in Glasgow..The crowd are not helping the Officers but instead are shown recording the Incident on their mobile phones, from another person across the street recording the crowd on their mobile phone..In the mobile phone video footage, the Tuff Thug can be seen landing several punches in a male officer’s face before also knocking a female PC to the ground..The pair continue to battle the frenzied man until reinforcements arrive...

Thomas Birks, 16, who is autistic, was walking to his parents' house after his first solo trip into town..

when 2 Tuff boyz on pushbikes began shouting abuse and throwing stones, until one boy attacked him..

THUGS left a father-to-be in a pool of blood as they smashed him round the head with a glass bottle..Isaac Sydenham, 23, was on his way home from the Block and Gasket pub in Burgess Hill on Sunday night when a gang of youths approached him..Mr Sydenham was on the phone to his 8 month pregnant wife when one of the youngsters, aged about 15, barged into him..When Mr Sydenham asked him to mind out, the yob, along with another 4, began punching him..He fought back, only to be struck with the bottle by one of the teens, leaving him unable to feel parts of his body..My vision kept going while I was lying on the ground in blood in St Johns Road..For a moment, I thought I was going to die..His wife has also suffered terribly after the ordeal..The thugs were part of a group of around 8 yobs aged between 15 and 17..If you don't do whatcha supposed to, I'm gonna lock your kid inside the F*****' refrigerator"...

Fight Scene Ong Bak 1

CCTV cameras on a nearby house captured the attack, and show Thomas attempting to shield his head and face from the blows..TROUBLE-MAKING yobs will be Given the elbow from parks across Oldham as police launchan anti-social behaviour crackdown, which will see officers stage regular patrols at Waterhead Park, Stoneleigh Park in Derker and the area around Sholver Lane and the Northgate Pub - A young boy was attacked in broad daylight by a knife-wielding thug who chased him through a park wearing a Grand Theft Auto-style mask - Teen yobs beat homeless man, 55, with his crutches and tear up his tent in 20-minute attack in Blackpool in the early hours of Monday morning..Sharing the incident on Facebook, he wrote: This was the outcome of stopping at least 20 youths stamping a kid to death..15 on 1 and they run..Brave boyz”... World War II the average age of the combat soldier was twenty-six..In Vietnam he was nineteen..In inininininin Vietnam he was nineteen..The heaviest fighting of the past two weeks..For those of you recovering from a splithead, that's gonna sound just right..Oh, viva, Da Nang..Da Nang me, Da Nang me..Continued today twenty-five miles northwest of...

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