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Lightbulb Charlemagne Prize

Corona Legentium Aquensis..

Film poster for Supernatural 1933..

The Charlemagne Prize is a European prize..It commemorates Charlemagne, ruler of the Frankish Empire and founder of what became the Holy Roman Empire, who resided and is buried at Aachen, the place where 31 Holy Roman Emperors were crowned Kings of the Germans..Charlemagne ( or Charles the Great (2 April 742 — 814), numbered Charles I, was the King of the Franks from 768, King of the Lombards from 774 and Emperor of the Romans from 800..Charlemagne was the oldest son of Pepin the Short & Bertrada of Laon..He continued his father's policy towards the papacy and became its protector, removing the Lombards from power in northern Italy and leading an incursion into Muslim Spain.. He campaigned against the Saxons to his east, Christianising them upon penalty of death Charlemagne reached the height of his power in 800 when he was crowned Emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III on Christmas Day at Old St. Peter's Basilica..Charlemagne has been called the "Father of Europe" (Pater Europae), as he united most of Western Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire..Charlemagne died 28 January 814, having ruled as emperor for 13 years...

Charlemagne the Merciless Enforcer..

The Lombards or Longobards (Latin: Langobardi, Italian Longobardi) were a Germanic people who ruled large parts of the Italian Peninsula from 568 to 774..The Origo Gentis Langobardorum tells the story of a small tribe called the Winnili dwelling in southern Scandinavia..The Winnili were split into three groups and one part left their native land to seek foreign fields..The reason for the exodus was probably overpopulation..A modern theory suggests that the name "Langobard" comes from Langbaror, a name of Odin..The Lombard kings can be traced back as early as c. 380 and thus to the beginning of the Great Migration..Then the Langobards, having left Pannonia, hastened to take possession of Italy with their wives & children and all their goods..At least 20,000 Saxon warriors, old allies of the Lombards, joined them with their families in their new migration..When they entered Italy, some Lombards retained their native form of paganism, while some were Arian Christians..Hence they did not enjoy good relations with the Early Christian Church..

The mediaeval city seal of Aachen on which the design of the prize medal is based..

In Italy, the Lombards were intensively Christianised, and the pressure to convert to Catholicism was great..The Beneventan rite is more closely related to the liturgy of the Ambrosian rite than to the Roman rite.. It was eventually supplanted by the Gregorian chant..The diminished Beneventan principality soon lost its independence to the papacy and declined in importance until it fell in the Norman conquest of southern Italy..Lombard society was divided into classes comparable to those found in the other Germanic successor states of Rome, Frankish Gaul and Visigothic Spain..There was a noble class, a class of free persons beneath them, a class of unfree non-slaves (serfs), and finally slaves.. The aristocracy itself was poorer, more urbanised, and less landed than elsewhere..The Lombardy region in Italy, which includes the cities of Brescia, Bergamo, Milan, and the old capital Pavia, is a reminder of the presence of the Lombards..The whole Lombard territory was divided into 36 duchies, whose leaders settled in the main cities.. The Iron Crown of Lombardy (Corona Ferrea) was used for the coronation of the Lombard kings and the kings of Italy thereafter for centuries... am very curious about England.. Does it have one king who rules over the whole country?.The gods are man's creation, to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves..Well that's understandable..Sometimes I think I am bout ready to go down to that cemetery..I would just like to go the way me mother did...
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