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Esoteric Warfare..
Ordo ad Chao is the 4th full-length album by the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.."Ordo ad chao" is incorrect Latin (correct: "ordo ab chao") for "order to chaos" – a reversal of the Latin "ordo ab chao" ("order from chaos") often cited as the motto used in Freemasonry..Consequently, there is a thematic shift from the band's earlier lyrics, which focused mostly on morbid & Satanic ideas, and the lyrics here allude to psychic powers, the Annunaki, and the creation of the human race as a workforce for alien powers..Released on 23 April 2007..It charted at 12 in Norway..

Mayhem - Freezing Moon..

23 April 2007 - David Halberstam (April 10, 1934) was an American journalist and historian, known for his work on the Vietnam War, politics, history, the Civil Rights Movement, business, media, American culture, and later, sports journalism..He won a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 64..While doing research for a book, Halberstam was killed in a car crash - Peter John Randall MBE, GM (20 August 1930) was a British Army soldier and a recipient of the George Medal, and the RSPCA's Margaret Wheatley Cross, for his actions on 8 October 1954 where he saved the life of a fellow soldier and a military dog from a burning truck..He was in a traffic Incident, being hit by a car..He went into a coma, and was transferred back to Britain..He never awoke from his coma - An Olympic Airlines Boeing 737 jet was forced to make an emergency landing following a bomb threat..The plane, which was carrying 136 passengers, including 11 Greek Members of the European Parliament, landed safely in Munich, Germany, instead of its intended destination of Strasbourg, France..

The Reaping Trailer..

Paul Emil Erdman (May 19, 1932) was one of the leading business & financial writers in the US who became known for writing novels based on monetary trends & historical facts concerning complex matters of international finance..Caine portrays mob accountant "Doc" Fletcher who acquires a Swiss bank and a silver mine but must fight a complex struggle in order to keep hold of them..Erdman also regularly wrote financial columns for Marketwatch - Boris Yeltsin was born in the village of Butka, Talitsky District, Sverdlovsk, USSR, on 1 February 1931..After the state took away the entire harvest from the recently collectivised Butka peasants, the Yeltsin family moved as far away as they could, to Kazan..The status of thousands & thousands of American servicemen who are held by Soviet and other Communist forces, and who were never repatriated after every major war this century, is of grave concern to the American people..I believe that it is time to resolve the mysteries surrounding the event of Korean Airlines Flight 007.. Boris died of congestive failure, aged 76 - The new Kremlin-allied managers of the radio network Russian News Service have told journalists that half of their reporting must be 'positive stories' - Classes resumed today at Virginia Tech, for the first time since the April 16, 2007 mass shooting..After the silence, a bell will toll 32 times, once for each victim and 32 white balloons will be released - Denmark welcomed a new princess, born Saturday to Crown Princess Mary & her husband Crown Prince Frederik - The mother was born Mary Donaldson in Australia... are rules..I don't make them, I'm just the manager..I'll give you two the honeymoon suite, for 5 dollars extra. It's got a few perks that the others don't..You might have to jiggle the handle a little bit to open her up, she's as sticky as an old whore..I bet this gets the honeymooners in the mood..But one more thing - if anybody's listening, that is...

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