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Acorah, is, imho, a shill who is in it purely for the $ - i know a few people who know him (though have never met him) and they all say he is a nice guy but he fakes it all, because it is in his contract to do so.

One person i know was offered the job on most haunted, she said that part of the contract stipulated that there would be a 'taking over' (read trance-channel) in every show and she said she couldn't do a show and fake it if that is what was needed, they then offered to Achorah.

Having said all that though, it's likely that poor girl died at the hands of her parents, and how they have escaped justice for so long is very telling that he is a Mason - they have earned a lot of £ from her disappearance, and unlike other children who have disappeared, why is Maddie always in the headlines - rarely a month goes by without the McCanns hitting the front pages.
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