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Pretty hardcore claims, for sure. It's certainly possible, but much more needs to be done than just insinuate it. How many times have certain musicians or actors, politicians and others been accused of mindblowing crimes against others in Icke's books yet David is now convinced of their truth mostly based on the fact that they haven't gone out of their way to sue him. It could very well be that they don't give him the time of day to sue him because they think he's mentally ill. Like others here I enjoyed a lot of films the Coreys were in, but there is also that hollywood thing in itself of out-doing each other about dark traumatic pasts. The fashion of very publically going into re-hab etc etc. If you're not bi polar, not struggling with alcohol or drugs or claimed traumatic childhoods then you risk nobody talking about you anymore. Who knows? I'd like to see this go further than just claims.
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