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Originally Posted by nongeekywebdude View Post
yes I am well aware of the allies makeshift concentration camps and the soviet gulags, but no matter how bad those places were, it still does not make Auschwitz a holiday camp.

Regarding evidence, there exist documents from IG Farben detailing their horrific role in the treatment of slave workers at Auschwitz, which resulted in a token few of their executives being jailed at Nuremberg (yes I am aware it was a show trial). There are many documents between IG Farben and the German government at the time which leave little doubt in the treatment of the slave workers at Auschwitz. I am sure you can find them if you look around, they were published in several books.

Auschwitz was not an extermination camp as many say, but huge numbers died there in horrific conditions (just not 6 million of them)
The red cross count 270.000 dead in all camps. as said, the vast majority of them died from typhus.
And again, the Auschwitz records reveal dead people, who vecame amazingly old and lived in high age. There were also births in Auschwitz.

270.000 is approximately the number of lives perished in the bombing of Dresden in only one night.

As previously mentioned, Auschitz was open for public, Mr Christophersen is only one witness account of that. He was persecuted for telling the truth, as almost all who know the truth and talk about it.

So where are these documents? at Nizkor?

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