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Originally Posted by da2255 View Post
Thermite can't turn buildings to dust, and that's blatantly what happened, that architect is saying it was thermite, and after-all he's only an architect, not the best guy to analyse all of the evidence scientifically and come to a conclusion.
thermite can be used to cut steel beams though

if the building was already rigged to blow thermite could be used as well to cut the steel or maybe it could even be used in advance to cut some of the beams so that the explosives would definately do their job on the day

the buildings fell perfectly into their own footprints as a properly demolished building would do that was rigged with explosives

neither building toppled

you can watch clips of demolished buildings online and even when rigged with explosives some buildings if rigged wrong will topple and fall to the side instead of collapsing in their own footprint

very suddenly there was nothing holding those towers up. If it was aviation fuel from the planes that had melted the steel supports as some people claim then how come they burned through in such a uniform way that the building collapsed into its own footprint instead of toppling?

if some beams had melted in a part of the building then that part would crumple and the building would fall to that side like a tree being cut and then falling in the direction of the cut

also it isn't just that engineer he is part of a group of hundreds if not thousands of engineers and architects who have all raised technical issues with the NIST report findings
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