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Originally Posted by apollo_gnomon View Post
A couple of things this reminds me of are the "100mpg" carbs which invariably involved heat vaporization of fuel, and the wood gasifier devices which cook wood (high temperature, oxygen starved environment) to produce a gas which can be burned by an ICE.

In a carb engine, this system would introduce fuel ( in the form of highly vaporized gasoline, or (if the system really 'cracks' hydrocarbons) free hydrogen and carbon in gaseous form into the air stream of the vehicle, enriching the fuel mixture. In a fuel injected system, the computer will read the O2 sensors and adjust the fuel pulse width size to account for the additional fuel being fed into the air.

Question: How much fuel is consumed by the HCS? How often do you refill the bubbler tank? Have you measured MPG changes on identical test drives with and without the HCS running?
People are always getting sidetracked by the fact that HCS starts by vapourizing the fuel but the similarities between this and 'vapour systems' ends there.
HCS cracks the fuel vapour directly into Hydrogen and Carbon and it is this powerful 'expansion medium' that accounts for the impressive gains experienced by anyone who has got past denial and actually tried the system in practice.

I haven't done clinical trials on the system; only approximately parallel tankfuls of gasoline driving around town first without HCS fitted (where I got no more than 6 kilometers per liter (kpl) and subsequently with HCS fitted (where I achieved 7.5 kpl in town and over 8.5 out of town).
That's just the approximate fuel consumption numbers which don't reflect the greatly reduced tailpipe pollution (which is clear and odour-free) and the sharply increased power of the vehicle.
The smooth, quiet drive is also difficult to quantify in numerical terms.

It would be interesting for someone to do a comparative Dyno test with and without HCS but I'm just sharing the system here and am selling nothing.
I hope that others will try the system and enjoy the same benefits that I've experienced but please remember that I stand to gain nothing by it.

I use bubbler fuel at the rate of less than 5% of the regular tank fuel so I need to add less than a liter of bubbler fuel for each 20 liters of tank fuel.

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