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Default Free Energy Doesn't Exist

Free Energy.

There's no such thing.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

The earth is generating a huge magnetic field, a magnetic field is energy, outside of the earth and completely surrounding the earth are the Van Allen radiation belts, radiation is energy.

The sun bathes the Earth in electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day.

Scientists have discovered that if you look at a vacuum with a microscope, you will see, periodically, protons spring into existence and then disapear again. Even the vacuum of space is energetic.

We are surrounded by energy, Moray called it - 'the sea of energy in which the earth floats'

Arthur C Clarke postulated that if you suspended a length of wire in the air, say a mile long high up in the atmosphere, the action of the earths magnetic field cutting through the wire at right angles would induce an emf in the wire that would be sufficient to power New York or something. This is simply a conductor in a magnetic field, the way an alternator works, except you don't have to turn the shaft, the planet is already doing that for you.

Solar panels convert the electromagnetic radiation from the sun into useable emf.

T Henry Moray believed his equipment tuned into the Van Allen belts and received energy from them.

Ed Leedskalnin proposed that there is positive energy and negative energy and in every circuit in order for the positive energy to flow to the negative terminal there is an equal amount of negative energy that must also flow to the positive terminal.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The cornerstone of physics. So Ed Leedskalnin does not seem to be in error unless the laws of physics don't apply to electrical circuits.

How one would tap into that negative energy or back emf without breaking the circuit and preventing the positive energy to flow, I am unsure of, I believe it is done by generating noise in the circuit and collecting that. But none the less, the negative energy is present, it is detected as 'holes' moving from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. Back emf is well known in electrical engineering.

John Bedini seems to have a system that works on, I shall call it 'broken symmetry' If we arrange magnets on a wheel and turn the wheel such that the magnetic fields intersect a coil then the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy. The efficiency at which that occurs is well known to be around 90%. In other words, of the energy required to turn the combined weight of the magnets and wheel, 90% will be captured back through the system. This is a symetrical system. However Bedini has arranged his magnets to give an extra magnetic field spike in between the existing magnets and magnetic fields and arranged an extra set of coils, such that he is picking up the extra magnetic field and converting to emf. Hence there is an 'extra' magnetic field, for free, at no extra weight, requiring no extra input energy, that furnishes an extra amount of energy. This apparently means that we can recapture 90% of the input energy back in the traditional way, plus a bit more - maybe another 90%. I term this broken symmetry.

None of the above gain free energy, in the sense energy 'magically' appears in the devices, they are simply capturing the energy that is present within the system or surrounding the system.

Wherever there is a magnetic field we can derive an electrical current.

Wherever there is radiation we can derive an electrical current.

Whenever current flows in a circuit, there is an equal and opposite back emf or electrical current that we could use.

We do not need to find 'free energy' because we are surrounded by energy sources that we can tap into and transduce to a useable form.

Therefore, 'free energy' in the magical sense of the term where energy just appears from nowhere probably doesn't exist and we don’t need it anyway.

All the free energy devices that are presented by various inventors are probably just tapping into the energy that surrounds us or using a system of broken symmetry to improve performance.

Comments please.

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