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Thanks for posting all that, OP

Have to log out in a second. Read half and will return to read the rest as soon as possible

It's heavy, sickening. They're all connected. Filth and perversion. Their energies are located below the belt - in their pockets and between their legs

There are many more of us than of them, but somehow they retain control and arrogantly continue even when they know we know about them

Will we ever rise as one and slaughter them, do you think ? Or will it always be that one after another, the brave throw themselves on the fire in the hope we'll get off our bums and follow them and eradicate the filth ?

A guy from Yorkshire was nabbed last week, according to the UK media, for buying 80,000 guns. I like to think he bought them to arm a vigilante army, but the media claimed he bought them to sell on to some wartorn regime

The only way I'm able to deal with it is to assume this dimension/planet exists under the auspices of a foul little god and once we kick free, the real God welcomes us home in the same way families right now are hugging their service men and women upon their return from the hells of war

The Chosenites might well claim to be the foul god's favourites and they're as welcome to him as he is to them, imo. Our aim should be to kick free of this place and never return, don't leave anyone behind

Until then we're compelled to witness the destruction of one brave truth-speaker after another, paralysed in our fear and helplessness in face of the enormity of it

When I was younger, my solution was to rally everyone on the planet and get them to agree we would all kill ourselves and each other at a chosen time. The big effing finger to this place and the scum that seem to control it. Let them have the place, we quit. Take that. And cause a massive traffic jam at the Pearly Gates and Hell's Mouth, lol

But I'm older now and know people will cling to their existence no matter how foul or hopeless it is. And they will sell each other out to survive as they always have. They'll continue to breed, as the vile architect of this dump planned they would. Then they'll take anything, suffer anything, in order to be able to raise their replacements on the planet

Just once I'd like to see the true God smash the bastards to bits, fling their corrupt courthouse asunder and dissipate the scum. A happy ending. We need and deserve a few happy endings to these atrocities. It never comes. We end up ending ourselves instead

Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of it, so thanks again
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