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From Origin and Evolution of the Human Race (1921) by Freemason Albert Churchward:
"So Professors Sollas and Schimper ignore the Sun's revolutions around its centre, and the Precession of the Pole Stars..." - p. 10.

"The arguments, conclusions arrived at, and imaginations of some Geologists, have apparently never taken into account that the sun travels around its centre once in every 25,827 years (roughly 26,000), forming "The One Great Year"; and that during that period the Northern Hemisphere is frozen down to about the 56th degree of latitude for part of the time. There is a great Summer, great Autumn, great Winter, and great Spring in the Sun's year as in our year of 365 days...
"Possibly the above Professors have arrived at their opinions because they do not know that a Glacial Epoch takes place every 25,827 years - in fact they cannot, if they believe only in "One Great Ice Age.
"But the sun travels around its centre once in this time at the rate of about 40 miles per second. We know from observations for the last 300 years that the Sun has passed through space from one given point to another... I have reckoned this distance, and the distance that the Sun travels is 33 trillions of miles to perform its circle of one great year."
"The circuit of precession first outlined by the movement of the seven Pole Stars of the Little Bear (Ursa Minor) was their (Egyptian) circle of the eternal, or seven eternals, that was imaged by the Shennu ring, also by the Serpent of eternity, figured with tail in its mouth and one eye always open at the centre of the coil=the Pole Star, i.e. their circumpolar Paradise." - p.11.

"There is evidence that the Egyptian Priests had recorded the time of the Precession of the Pole Stars (Ursa Minor) and, therefore, the revolution of the Sun around its centre for 25,800 years, up to a period of part of the Stellar Cult. And we know, as a fact, that the Precession of the Pole Stars, and the revolution of the Sun round its centre takes about 25,827 years to perform this one cycle, (records left written on the stones of the Great Pyramid and on Papyri), during which time we have one Great Ice Age, or Glacial Epoch." - p. 28.

"They [the Stellar Mythos people] had one great Year of 25,827 years, that being the time it takes for the Pole Stars to perform one cycle of precession, also the period of one revolution of the sun around its centre... ...we have found a record of their observation of the precession of the Pole Stars for ten great Periods. As this was written during the Stellar Mythos, 25,870 years must have elapsed before the record was made." - p. 263.

"Once in every 25,827 years the world's Great Age begins anew: another year has passed, and another year begins again in the great cycle of precession. The same cycle of time and the same phenomena occur simply as a matter of chronology; for how many hundreds of thousands or millions of years this has been repeated is is impossible to say." - p. 429.

"In the Stellar Mythos the birthplace was in Sothis, the star that showed the birthplace of the Child - the eight-rayed star." p. 444.

"We know that this earth emanated from our parent Sun, as also did other planets attached to our Solar system. Our Sun must have emanated from its parent Sun, and it takes "one great year" to perform its cycle, 25,827 years. Possibly the sun's sun, or centre of revolution, is only one of another, and how many times his is repeated it is impossible to say." - p. 467.

"...the Human race commences life as a Pigmy and in a million or two millions of years we find that by evolution it has passed through various types to the present white man; how far higher it will continue to progress in evolution is impossible to say." - p. 488.
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