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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Excellent posts everyone.
Comletely agree. Oh, and add bailiffs to the list of dicks just doing their jobs. I remember the first time I gave much thought to someone "just" doing their job, was when a woman (I am not sure even what job she had, either a spokeswoman for the police or politicians, perhaps) was interviewed by a reporter in the aftermath of the Dutroux trial (imprisonment and starving to death of two 8 year old girls in Belgium). Now, it was obvious that while Dutroux was in prison, someone (most likely his wife) was "tending" to these girls, giving water etc as they lived for quite some time even though the had no food. The interviewer was pressing the matter with the woman, saying that things didn't add up. She was having none of it, and I thought that if it were me, and I were forced to be the spokeswoman on tv, I would have answered "yes, you are right, the truth is not coming out here".

Brilliant, brilliant thread.
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