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Originally Posted by knowthyself1 View Post
Yes absolutely right Silent, and I can relate to such experiences in the work place.

Unfortunately this world is awash with cowardly order followers who can't think for themselves and arn't in touch with their own conscience/higher Self/moral compass. I feel many are lost and locked in a fear based mind set which holds them back from truely growing up on a mental, emotional and spiritual level - a retardation of development if you will. It's all quite obvious when seeing 30-40 year old men dressing and acting like little boys in the playground.

As long as this continues the longer this race will be enslaved. By their freewill choice of ignorance they're essentially building their own prison by refusing moral responsiblity. It abosultly infuriates me because I certainly am not choosing to be caged!!
Very well put.
I've no sympathy for people that choose to do dickish jobs - a lot of the time these people do dickish jobs because they are in fact, dicks.
Also, when some pathetic jobsworth is given a uniform they are immediately ten times worse.
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