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A while back at a job club, some guy was talking to one of the staff members and mentioned me as I had been dealt with a little unfairly. The staff member said they are only doing their jobs, but I said to him that they make decisions which could mean someone not eating for a few weeks if they cause someone to get sanctioned. That even though it is their job, they still have the personally responsibility of causing suffering to other people. The member of staff knew what I said was right and didn't really know what to say to that.

So many people in so many jobs are responsible for all sorts of stuff, whilst thinking they are just following orders (in other words have no personal responsibility. I think if people can be told they are responsible for certain things and possibly suffering (in a calm friendly manner) peoples hearts can be opened up and it can help them to realise the responsibility they hold in their actions.

There is no excuse of 'I was just doing my job' as you say elshaper. It's upto every individual to live up to their responsibilities and consequences of their actions. It's time we as a planet of beings grow up. Life can be so much better for everybody if everyone is fully self aware.

I watched the green mile again the other night. Brilliant film.

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