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Originally Posted by marcusejc View Post
Does David Icke just say random things that he discovers, regardless of whether they are true or not?

Whenever I have watched his talks, half the stuff I have agreed with, and the other half I've thought was complete nonsense. I've no doubt that he works very hard and does a lot of research. My only doubt is about how true everything he discovers actually is.

For example, I think he's spot on about 9/11 and everything surrounding it. I think he's probably right about a lot of things he says about the powers in the world and what life is really about. But there are things like the reptilians and the moon being fake that just seem like nonsense.

Once I was really into one of his talks, and then he got onto the topic of water. He said that water has a memory because when you freeze it, it freezes into certain patterns. He then made the jump to implying that this means homeopathy is real. I suddenly lost all respect for him and stopped watching. What a daft leap of false logic!

On another talk, he mentioned Dr Eben Alexander's book about his near death experience. I've read that book, and it's fascinating story, but after I'd read it I found out that it's been debunked as complete nonsense.

So I can't help but feel like David just does a lot of reading and lot of research, then just puts it all out there. Anything that's anti the system or the norm seems to be the way. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's actually true or not. Of course, some of it will be, which is merely a coincidence.

Churn enough controversial information out, by the law of averages at least some of it will be true...
I have just finished reading David's great book, 'phantoms self 'where he quotes Dr EBen book extensively.

I have also read the completely debunked debunking of Dr. EBens book by some skeptics publication!!

But isn't it sad how people automatically believe the nonsense of a lot of these skeptics like the poster above?
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