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Thanks darketernal for joining in on the discussion!

I apologise if I make no sense, because thoughts and questions are coming to me as I write them down.

What Im trying to say is this: Maybe behind all of this "satanic" elite and so on is not really a "satanic" elite, but a christian? The Vatican?
The reason Im thinking this is that this conspiracy theory of satan worshipping elitists has caused nothing else but hate on the occult,
freemasonry, symbolism, nature-worship, worship of deities like Minerva and so on, and this is all ancient stuff that was here way before christianity.
So who GAINS from destroying the occult, freemasonry and making all of it "satanic?" Christians.

Half of us don't even seem to know that the "evil" inverted pentagram represents the female! Did any of you even know that?
Symbols like the swastika, as an example, have been completely distorted, but by who? Christians. (The Vatican did nothing to help in WW2)
It happened with Pan, it happened with the pentacle and multiple other things.
This destroying of symbols has continued till THIS day, but can we say that we are sure of WHO is behind it?

I could be wrong, but Im theorising just like everybody else on this forum.

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