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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
It's possible that real engineers and developers in the industry are not speaking out. Not because of intimidation or fear for their position, but simply because they understand the industry, the technology, field strengths, antenna gains, polarization, path loss, atmospheric and environmental absorption, propagation delay, all of which has been studied and measured for decades across the entire EM spectrum.

Their conclusion: no significant evidence of harm - even in many developing countries where public exposure limits are not enforced.

Now... stand in front of a radar antenna or stick your hand in an operating microwave oven and you will have a problem.

Why wasn't all this alarm circulating when high power UHF TV transmitters and microwave communications towers started spreading around the country in the 1960s?

Note: The Internet of Things is a different and possibly potentially serious problem. Not because of a few milliwatt of radio waves, but the possibility to widespread hacking!

That's what I think alot of skeptical people will say to you in defence of the technology, that is examples from the past using similiar technology and frequencies, as you say microwaves and UHF transmitters. They'll argue their point that they were/are just as harmful as the stuff we are developing now, yet they will say, that noone was bothered back then and no harmful health effects were reported.

Maybe the health side of 5G and smart meters is merely a cover, and that the rear danger lies in hacking and surveillance.
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