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Syria airstrikes: Military action against Syria with UK and France

Originally Posted by dannyuk View Post
Syria Propaganda on the up within Western MSM and the U.N. is here again...

I’m sure the Jerusalem post is a real reliable information platform and care very dearly about the treatment of Palestinians...


“The UN warned President Bashar Assad of dire consequences for his bombardment of what was once the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria.
AMMAN - The Syrian army on Thursday intensified its bombardment of a besieged Palestinian neighborhood and nearby rebel-held areas in southern Damascus, the last area near the capital outside government control.

Most civilians have long since fled the neighborhood called the Yarmouk camp, once the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, but enough have stayed behind that the United Nations has called on the warring parties to spare civilians.

The Russian-backed Syrian army launched a major offensive last week to capture the south Damascus enclave that includes Yarmouk and neighboring areas, which have been held for years by rebel fighters and Islamic State militants.”

British man blown up while fighting Isis in Syria was due to leave war-torn region two hours later, inquest hears

A British man who was killed fighting Isis in Syria had been due to leave the war-torn region just two hours later, an inquest heard today.
Jac Holmes, 24, had spent four months engaged in heavy fighting in Raqqa and had told his mother he was ready to leave for "rest and recuperation". 
But as he attempted to defuse a suicide belt, he was blown up, and the transport scheduled to take him on his homeward journey home arrived minutes after he was killed.
It had been the former IT worker's third tour of Syria and although his parents pleaded with him not to go he told them he had 'unfinished business with Isis'.
Dad Peter Holmes and mum Angie Blannin told his inquest that they were so proud of their son who was considered a 'legend' among the Kurdish people.
Mrs Blannin said: "In Syria everyone knows his name, we didn't realise but people there will be calling their children Jac for many years to come because of him."
The hearing heard Mr Holmes a former painter and decorator from Bournemouth, Dorset, had no military experience but wanted to join the Kurdistan People's Protection Units (YPG) because he thought he could help.
He first flew to Syria in January 2015 despite efforts by his family and the police to stop him.”

He returned to the UK for a few months in the summer of 2015 and again in April 2016 and each time his father tried to dissuade him from going back.

The hearing in Bournemouth heard he had been fighting in Rawda, the north eastern quarter of Raqqa, for four months and had helped liberate the city.
He spoke to his mother the day before he died and told her he was "tired and had had enough" and was leaving the area the next day for some "rest and recuperation" before returning to the UK.
But on October 23, 2016 he tried to defuse a suicide belt, which he had apparently done multiple times successfully before, when it detonated, killing him instantly.
A post mortem examination carried out when his body was repatriated to the UK found the cause of death was severe blast head injuries.

The report said: "The distribution of injuries suggest he was kneeling on his right knee while bending over an explosive device at the time of detonation."
A detective from Dorset Police told the inquest the force had tried to stop Mr Holmes from going to Syria and had actually managed to block his entry at Gatwick Airport the first time he went out.
But he was determined and found another way into the country, signing a disclaimer stating that he was aware of the danger.
DC John Marshall said: "I personally made significant efforts to stop Jac travelling to Syria. The first journey we managed to stop him at Gatwick.

"I gave him a proper security briefing outlining the obvious dangers. Sadly he was not to be deterred.
"I tried to say to him there were other things he could do, humanitarian work, but he said I'm not going to be happy until I'm gun in hand out there. That was his commitment to it."

As I said Propaganda.

Trying to make the Zionists war upon the Middle East, in this case Syria so a few families and Oil interests can gain access to Syria’s Oil and so Israel can gain ownership of Golan Heights, to “protect Jewish settlements”, look honourable and desirable against the odds. You should want to fight this war etc etc it’s propaganda and he would have been better off staying at home and not dying for the cause of the internationalists, being sold and justified under other reasons.

They caused this “Civil War” as they have others.

They arm, back and train ISIS and call the “moderate terrorists” used for geopolitical ends of the Zionists, pitted them against Syria and Assad’s Government, people and civilians all in the name of regime change of Syria for a globalist agenda and then eventually, without resistance, Israel can expand its land base into “Greater Israel”, taking much land of surrounding Arab nations these internationalists are at war against.
Along with building King Solomon’s Temple upon the ashes of The Dome of the Rock.

Then they use the White Helmets, a terrorist organisation in cahoots with these “moderate rebels” ISIS along with the western powers that fund them, to then make propaganda videos and scenarios to then justify why western powers under “coalition forces” should become involved in these wars. It’s a deception and it’s all being carried out and orchestrated from the beginning by the international Zionists for their agenda and overall cause.
Syria airstrikes: Military action against Syria with UK and France
Danny Edwards
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