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Church=kirk in old scottish or english/celt

That's why you have captain kirk in the enterprise, because church is an enterprise.

Kirk then came from a greek goddess called cercy (not sure how to spell it), who took people into her home, brainwashed them, then I think ate them.

Around the ancient canaanite/phonecian area they used to worship a volcano god called vulcan. When they recieved offerings or being blessed or went there to worship him (something like that) they made a hand signal which was the same as vulcan from star trek does with his hands.

Exept or also, they did this with both hands making the signal, put together.

All this from Jordan Maxwell.

Now, the space in the middle between the two thumbs and two index fingers creates a shape that I've seen used as a symbol before. This is when the index finger and thumb touch the other index finger and thumb, not like in the pic above. I couldn't find a pic for this, but I saw it in the Maxwell presentation.

And here's a link:

Sorry, couldn't find relavant pics.
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