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WW II in the Netherlands

Long before I started this thread on this forum, I had already started a thread on the Dutch elite collaborating with Nazi Germany and the Dutch courts covering this up on a Dutch forum.
I’ve finally decided to translate this to English.

The Dutch government in exile, headed by Queen Wilhelmina, continued to issue new laws, even though according to the Dutch constitution that´s only allowed with the approval of Dutch parliament, seated in The Hague.

One of the “new” laws is the extraordinary “Besluit Buitengewoon Strafrecht” (BBS) that declared that no government official is punishable (art. 8 section 2).
According to the BBS it is up to “Us” (read Queen Wilhelmina) to determine which power is (not) hostile (Art. 25 section 1).
In other words: the BBS decided that the courts could punish one war criminal at will, while the other won’t be held accountable.

On 12 February 1941, the Jewish Council (Joodse Raad) is formed, chaired by Abraham Asscher and David Cohen, that cooperates well with the Nazi policies, including deportation of Dutch Jews.
According to the Dutch history falsifiers, starting at 7 November 1941 all around 145,000 Dutch Jews must live in the ghetto of Amsterdam.
From June 1942, the Dutch Jews are put in trains by police and transported in trains of the NS to Auschwitz. Where many died.

I’ve recently found a story that proves that the official story that all Jews were persecuted by the German oppressor is bogus.
Calmer “Carel” Roos Sr. was a Jewish doctor, married to a non-Jewish woman. He continued his practice at the Weteringschans throughout World War II; obviously some Jews are more equal than others. He also helped the Nazis in treating Jews that were detained at the “Hollandsche Schouwburg” before they transported to the concentration camps.
Dr. Roos´ son Julius, born in 1941, continued the practice of his father. He had famous artists and politicians under his patients, including Hans van Mierlo (former leader of the D66 party and minister) and Harry Mulisch. He was also a member of the “Herenclub” (Gentlemen club) together with Van Mierlo, Mulisch and Marcel van Dam (in Dutch):

In 2015, the Anne Frank Huis (located in my home town Amsterdam) was visited by 1.268 million people (mostly tourists).
The Diary of Anne Frank is really one of our greatest successes; it’s one of the 10 bestselling books in the whole wide world over the last 50 years. As you can see: only books of great quality in this list...

According to the great official story the family Frank was hiding in the “Achterhuis” for the Germans (during WW II in total less than 100 Germans were in Amsterdam).
This diary isn’t just a great book, but was also featured in several great movies and plays. Not surprising when we learn that (at least part of) the diary was written by play write Meyer Levin. Levin won a court case against father Otto Frank in 1960, after which Otto settled the case for 50,000 dollar for his great “work” on the diary.

In 1976 Otto Frank started a lawsuit in Germany against Ernst Romer and Edgar Geiss, because they claimed that the diary was not written by Anne Frank. Otto lost, because research showed that parts of the diary were written with a ballpoint pen that only came on the market in 1951 and the handwriting of Anne does not correspond with the diary.

Here you can see a sample of the handwriting in the great diary and the (childish) handwriting of Anne Frank in 1942 (the lower sample). I’m no great expert at handwriting so wouldn’t dare claim that these are written by a different person.

Otto Frank himself sold Opeka and Pectin to the German Wehrmacht from 1939 to 1944; so the Frank family wasn’t even really hidden (but please don’t tell anybody): http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspo...ary-fraud.html
(archived here:

On 30 June 1940, Princess Juliana founded the "London Committee of the Dutch Red Cross Society", which was dissolved on 17 April 1946. The London Committee was an independent subsidiary of the Dutch Red Cross. One of his tasks was the Evacuation of "refugees" to more permanent places in other countries.
The relationship between the Red Cross and the Dutch royals has been intimate for many years: Juliana succeeded her father Prince Hendrik as chairman of the Dutch Red Cross after his death in 1934.

The Red Cross helped Nazis to escape to South America by providing them with travel papers.
Here’s a picture of the 1950 passport of the International Red Cross that the notorious Nazi Adolf Eichmann used under the name “Riccardo Klement” to escape to Argentina.

There is interesting information on the role of Prince Bernhard with the KLM in the second half of the 1940s.
In May 2007 it was (again confirmed) that when Prince Bernhard was director of the KLM (and Fokker), German Nazis were smuggled from Switzerland to Argentina on planes of the KLM using passes of the International Red Cross:

Queen Wilhelmina controlled a majority share in the NHM bank that owned part of the BHS bank that was involved in financing the Nazi party since the 1930s. Several members on the board of directors of the BHS were appointed on the advice of Bernhard...
The trail of the BHS, leads to the UBC bank, Prescott Bush; all involved in financing the Nazi party and money laundering:
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