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Originally Posted by thirsty4 View Post
Why wasn't Jimmy Saville exposed while he was alive?
He was protected by the powers that be, which aligns in England to the Deep State in the US. There is a system of corruption, BCBD,

First, one bribes the attendant power with money or more power. Then when something comes up one coerces that power with the threat of removal of power. Then after cooperation to those levels blackmail is easy. That person took bribes, looked the other way when crimes were committed, and so on. They buckle. If they do not buckle the Seth Rich solution is brought forth. Do our will or we will kill you and or your family. We've done it before and have nothing to lose.
The only people left are those very few, the Snowdens and the Assanges who are willing to not only be branded as criminals but risk everything, and who know enough to count.

When people ask you, how could this happen and no one know, this is why. The system is so corrupt it is beyond belief by any person with any moral sense. That is what we are dealing with. And we have to win.
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