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Hitler, Fox, Fritz Lang

Another interesting link between those horrible Nazis and the Allied heroes is that no other than Twentieth Century Fox made 2 propaganda films in 1932 that gave the NSDAP party a record of votes...
Fox “subsidised” Hitler’s critical 1932 election campaigns.

The first of these, “…Der Führer” released on 13 April 1932, lasted about 5 minutes and was subsidised by Fox Tönende Wochenschau. In it Hitler speaks in Berlin on 4 April 1932. Hilter says that the German army was betrayed in November 1918 by the Weimar politicians, especially the Social Democrats.
The NSDAP subsequently scored its record amount of 37.3% of the votes on 31 July 1932 (13.7 million), almost double the amount of the previous elections.

The second, longer film, “Hitlers Kampf um Deutschland” (Hitler´s fight for Germany) was about twice as long. It shows Hitler’s speech in Eberswalde on 27 July 1932. Here Hitler promised to end more than 30 German political parties: “We have one goal before us, to fanatically and ruthlessly shove all these parties into the grave”.
It was first shown on 30 August 1932 and again in March 1933 (under the new title, Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler Spricht).
Six months after this speech, Hitler seized power as chancellor – with the help of Fox Movietone News.

Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was a big fan of Fox Movietone News, who gave him the opportunity to give a speech for the Fox camera. One of the first sound newsreels shown in in the USA in March 1929 depicted Mussolini speaking in English:
(archived here:

I had earlier posted on German Nazis Wernher von Braun and Hermann Oberth, who later became top NASA officials, that already worked on Fritz Lang´s science fiction movies in the 1920s:

On 31 July 1933, Fritz Lang actually moved to France and then to the US to continue his career in Hollywood.
Lang claims that after propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels told him that “The Testament of Dr Mabuse”, he fled that very evening. Lang was lying: his passport showed that he repeatedly travelled to and from Germany in 1933.

On 8 February 1960, Fritz Lang received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; he died in 1976:
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