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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
As we see the roll out of 5G technology begin and elon musk awarded contracts to launch satellites into space through his company 'space X' which will then bathe the world in 5G wifi and as we see the attempts by Gateshead Council to silence the activist Mark Steele for warning people about the harmful effects of microwave radiation from 5G technology I can't help but think that 5G is simply an outgrowth of the cybernetic research covered in 'the minds of men'

Is it possible that we already have nanotechnology in our brains which the 5G antennas would then be able to activate and control? This would certainly remove the need for people to have a neural implant physically implanted into their brain which would of course be rejected by many people.
This news story today from RT explains that nanobots do exist that are going to be used in the field of medicine (that's the faux morality cover story that its being done for your good) which are controlled by ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS; they explain this part at 2 minutes where they explain that they will be created by 'magnetic nanoparticles'

This is essentially what the knights templar have been experimenting with for the last 1000 years because the places of telluric energy on the earths surface that also interact with the solar winds have old sites such as temples on them which the templars occupied. The old temples were designed to concentrate that natural energy so that it would create an electromagnetic field. That field would then interact with the magnetite in the initiates brain causing a shift in consciousness

NEW: Medical Robots Inside Your Body

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